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After looking at the books for a while, I couldn't help thinking that I heard of these books before, but nowhere in the books can I find anything telling that the books in fact is a reprint!!

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I am not sure about when these books were published the first time, but I know that Microsoft Press published the books in Furthermore in the book " Winning Chess Tactics " you can read that. We are all poorer for his loss. His games will be his everlasting memorial ".

Tal died in so my best shot is that these books were written about ten years ago. Then I didn't have to read about Seirawan that " Seirawan lives in Seattle, Washington, where he is the editor of Inside Chess magazine. Readers are invited to write to: Inside Chess Before I go on a little word about the cover and the layout of the books: The cover is very nice to look at and is much better than the average chess book.

Also the layout and proofreading of the book is of high quality which I guess is due to Microsoft Press?! In this book you learn about the pieces, the chessboard, how to move and other basic stuff. After this introduction Seirawan moves on to talk about his 4 Principles Force, Time, Space and Pawn Structure: " Each is easy to understand and each is a weapon that will enable you to defeat most anyone you challenge to a game.

To learn the beginner about the above 4 principles is of course only one way to write a book for beginners. I don't want to discuss if I agree with his method, but I think that the beginner can learn a lot from this book. Before we go on to the next book let's take a look at the content:. Overall I think that this book is quite good, and I especially like that the readers are examined throughout the book. The second book is about chess tactics, and here the reader learns about the basic tactics and combinations like The Double Attack, The Pin, The Skewer and Zwischenzug.

In the Introduction you can read was this book is all about:. However, I've found that accessing this knowledge about these concepts can be anything but easy.

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Few of the books that teach combinative play explain tactics and combinations in an instructive. The rare exceptions tend to be for advanced players, making a study of this subject rather difficult for those with less experience. In this book, I divide tactics into themes, which I thoroughly explain and illustrate. The main readership for this book should be players with an ELO between and This is one of the best books I have seen about this subject, and with test positions you get a good start in this area.

Develop and threaten - good chess strategy!

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If a beginner at chess will stay with these basic principles of chess strategy, success on the board is not far behind! See here for more ideas in the chess opening. Check out this chess site for chess boards.

Winning Chess Openings : Introduction to Moves, Strategies and Philosophies of Chess Opening

All Rights Reserved. Please wait Sign in or Create an account. These are the four squares right in the middle of the chess board shown here in green : Every chess opening aims to occupy or control these central squares. Here's an example using only the Kings and a Knight for each side: The centrally placed White Knight can move to eight green squares; it attacks and controls them.

Strategy [Event "? White occupies one key center square with a pawn, also attacking another central point. In addition, the move also liberates the White Queen and King's Bishop.

Everything You Need to Know About Chess: Tactics & Strategy!

As World Champion Bobby Fischer said of 1. The Queen defends the pawn, and she is free to move forward.

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In addition, the Queen's Bishop can now develop, and White "threatens" to play his e-pawn up two squares to dominate the center. The move also brings White closer to castling his King to safety - another goal of good chess strategy in the opening. The move makes ready to deploy the Queen and King's Bishop to active central squares. Now White cannot hope for two pawns abreast in the center. Notice that White's e-pawn is also threatened with capture. This position begins the French Defense, a well known chess opening.

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White develops a Knight to its best square toward the center! Black is limited in his reply. A Knight is brought out toward the center, two center squares are influenced and the White e-pawn is solidly protected. The influence of White's Knight is thus counteracted. This move adheres to the principles of chess strategy, by preparing to castle and by undermining Black's defense of this e-pawn.

Without getting bogged down in chess tactics, observe that White is not yet threatening to win the Black e-pawn, even if he could move again. He brings out the King's Knight and controls two center squares, besides placing the enemy e-pawn under attack. White's King is now safely tucked away in the corner, and his King's Rook is brought toward the center.

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Next he will plan the development of his Queenside pieces while hampering Black's attempt to smoothly develop. In addition, Black is now ready to castle. This position forms part of the Berlin Defense to the Ruy Lopez. Newsletter Your Name: Your Email:.