What Makes a Sicilian?

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Tuna or sword fish are also used in pasta dishes, while blue and smaller fish are often made into tasty pancakes.

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One thing for certain is that tomatoes and other vegetables are always part of Sicilian cuisine, creating its unique flavors. They grow three varieties — Mago, Roman and Acquavena. Every year, in early summer, the citizens of this pretty village have a feast dedicated to cherries, where you can taste the fruit or things made from them — ice cream, slushes or cakes. An opportunity to discover the taste of Sicily, and the fascinating itinerary of small villages located along the river Alcantara.

It is a large, rounded fruit, very juicy and delicate and thus needs to be be kept at low temperatures. The particularity of these strawberries is unquestionably their extraordinary delicacy and fragrance, and the fact that they are free of artificial processes, and, therefore, full of beneficial properties. Mojo Alcantara is a small, lovely village situated alongside the Alcantara river , between Catania and Messina. The original Mojo peach is yellow , thick-skinned and sweet, quenching your thirst.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, the Pachino tomato is full of flavor and the warmth of Sicily. This tomato is recognized as a protected brand, and is firm, hardy, bright-colored and sweet — ideal for salads or sauces.

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During a trip to Sicily, you can try it in restaurants or buy it in markets. How is limoncello made? In the bars they are to be found with lots of different fillings: classic — with meat sauce, with pistachios, or even with salmon. They are best eaten with coffee or as a mid-afternoon snack.

Sicilian Way of Life

Some variations include a pistachio or hazelnut base. It is more like crushed ice than ice-cream and is accompanied by a warm golden bun in the shape of a beret. Some people also add cream. A less healthy choice but very tasty. Although the preparation technique is the same, the mandarinetto differs from the limoncello because of the use of cinnamon in its production phase, an Arabic tradition, dating from when they brought the use of spices to Sicily. Unlike the limoncello, the mandarinetto is characterized by a slightly bitter taste, diffused by the sweet cinnamon.

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  4. In fact, the entrepreneur began by supplying it to the British army, selling it as a medicine to get around the alcohol ban set by the administration. The traditional method used by locals is to add a part of the old wine to that of the new production each year. In the entrepreneur Vincenzo Florio, from Palermo, began producing Marsala wine in competition with British companies, and founded the Florio wine cellars.

    In a special law was made to protect the original wine from any imitations. Marsala wine was the first DOC wine known in Italian history. Medium in size, these melons are pretty hardy, with an intense yellow color, and rich in water, potassium and vitamins A and C, containing yellow seeds. These melons also contain calcium, phosphorus and iron.

    Italian and Sicilian: Language Differences

    This was a favorite food of peasants during the hot summers. This might explain why public services in Sicily are so lacking , as we are much more prone to encourage someone else to do the job we were supposed to do. Instead of thinking of us as lazy people, think of us as people that are more concerned with spreading good cheer and fun.

    We are like the Island superheroes.

    Frequently Asked Questions | Screamin' Sicilian

    Even if you are a little leery of strangers, within minutes a Sicilian can have you laughing out loud with their antics. Many Sicilians base their whole lives around primary instincts like eating, sleeping and reproducing. This general lack of knowledge , and an unwillingness to pursue it, has made the Sicilian people as a whole more susceptible to control by politicians and mobsters throughout the years. Try not to be too surprised when you see a ten year old speeding down the roadways on a moped during school hours.

    He no longer cares about his education, and is much more concerned about plotting his first crime. While we might not be prone to studying from textbooks, we do have a deep and ingrained love and need to be close with family. Many kids leave their houses much later in life than what is normal around the world because the bond is so strong.

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    Might even look at Sicily as a great sociological experiment involving themes from Oedipus and Electra. Our people throughout history have considered Sicily to be the Garden of Eden, which is charming and sad all at the same time. While we do have fun, the sea, and food, this is not the only draw to the Island. It is true that you can live happily in Sicily. But consider for a moment that Neverland had a Captain Hook to cause all kinds of problems, and Sicily has its own fair share of pirates as well.

    The main problem amplified by our limited education is that Sicilians refuse to see any of the problems that actually exist because their judgment is clouded by their egos and pride.

    What Makes a Sicilian

    One of the deepest fear of every Sicilian is actually not being afraid of anything at all. Think about it, we have created the Mafia and spread it all around the world. Then, we have tirelessly fought against this creation at the risk of our own lives. It is a good quality to have when you can approach each new problem with both resourcefulness and bravery. This lack of fear knows no limits. While this might just be the stereotypical components to the average Sicilian, you are smart enough to understand that not every Sicilian is going to fit into this specific mold.

    You can just drop your question into the comment box below, and I will be sure to get right back with you. What To Pack. Getting around Palermo. How to get here. Audio Guides Palermo. Sicilian People. The Sicilian Mafia. Districts of Palermo. What to See in Palermo. Near Palermo.

    Palermo Nightlife. What to Eat in Sicily. Vucciria district. Arab Kalsa district. Capo district. Albergheria District. We Are Palermo is your new, somewhat different travel guide to the city of Palermo. Like most large cities, Palermo has both strengths as well as weaknesses.

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