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The best part of my position at Premier? Being able to add value and work intimately with clients to promote financial wellbeing is a huge privilege, and I thoroughly enjoy building relationships with each and every client. Ginger advises families, non-profit organizations, and businesses on a broad range of financial planning, tax planning, and fiduciary issues. She is a Senior advisor with Premier, providing comprehensive financial estate planning for complex client estates.

Ginger brings more than 21 years of experience in the financial services industry to Premier, and joined the firm in I enjoy being part of the Premier team because we are a local company who truly cares about the well-being of our clients and our community. Each of us has our own unique background and strengths, however, our investment management is consistent.

We collaborate as a team to provide excellent service and continuity to our clients and our community. We take our role as your financial planner and advisor very seriously.

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That is the foundation of the trusting relationships we build with our clients. I figured out what I love doing most, which is helping people, by working my way through high school and college.

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While attending HSU, I completed a management intern training program for a large retail company and was hired as a merchandise manager after graduation. I was fortunate to work with a family of amazing people who taught me how to be a team member. I took these lessons and skills with me into the financial industry, and this is where I have grown the most. My 21 years of experience in banking and financial advising also set me up for success at Premier. Time spent serving as a relationship banker and advisor to individuals and their families gave me the opportunity to discover my niche: providing excellent service to my clients and a being leader to my teammates.

Coming from the corporate world, I was ready to work with and be mentored by professionals with years of hands-on industry experience. Another favorite about working with Premier? Helping clients plan for retirement.

I believe that we, as a society, need become more reliant on ourselves to prepare for a comfortable retirement, and I love helping clients formulate a plan so they can independently prepare to reach their retirement goals. In my role as an advisor to individuals, families, estates, foundations, and retirement plans, I put that commitment into practice on a daily basis.

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I also loved science; solving mathematical and formulaic equations has always been enjoyable to me, much like a game or a puzzle. Financial advising lets me do both! I get to use scientific techniques in creative ways to solve unique, real-world problems for real individuals. Wayne has been a resident of Humboldt County since and now resides in McKinleyville.

Wayne has a strong passion for the fiduciary stand that Premier takes with each client. Over the last 15 years, he has spoken at many events and made numerous pleas in support of the fiduciary standard and the Prudent Investor Rules. My interest in finance began when I was year-old student. I read every book I could get my hands on and soon switched my major to economics, choosing a pathway that included finance coursework.

I soon developed a passion for utilizing financial literacy as a tool to fight poverty, empower individuals, and improve lives with minimal government involvement. As part of my graduate thesis, I developed a course for elementary school children that teaches the basic principles of saving and investing.

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While many investment firms steer clients toward costly actively managed funds, Premier embraces the reality of market efficiency and its direct implication on portfolio management: A focus on asset allocation among low-cost passively managed funds, rather than chasing elusive returns from security selection. This sound, reality-based approach is the approach that I learned in graduate school, taught to my own students, and follow with my own personal investments. For me, the opportunity to be a part of a successful firm that is guided by ethics and evidence right here in Humboldt County is truly fulfilling.

The amazing individuals that I get to work with every day is what inspires me most about Premier! Each person is genuine, communicative and truly cares about the relationships that they foster with clients and co-workers. Before joining Premier, I worked for nearly 10 years as a receptionist in a very busy, female-owned veterinary hospital. While I loved seeing animals on a daily basis, my passion was for their people. Their comfort was my top priority. After my parents moved to Humboldt County, my husband and I visited them once or twice a year.

As the years went on, that increased to three or four visits or more. After each visit, our yearning to come back grew stronger and we realized that this is where we want to build a home and raise our family. In , we made it happen. My two young daughters keep us active. Our oldest loves her weekly gymnastics classes in an amazing local program and my husband enjoys taking the girls to feed the fish at Mad River Fish Hatchery.

We thoroughly enjoy all of the local events that are featured here, especially over the summer. However, our ideal weekend is spent taking walks around the neighborhood and hanging out in the backyard with the dogs. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From to , I taught economics at Humboldt State University. Six years later, we established a relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors, providing Premier with access to passively managed institutional mutual funds. My primary hobbies are jogging, golf, and gardening.

Being a fiduciary is something we live and breathe at Premier. As a fiduciary, we must put the interests of those who have entrusted us above all others, even our own. In fact, this fiduciary way of being extends to our relationship with everyone on the Premier team. What I particularly love is that it dovetails perfectly with my natural inclination to be of service to my clients and my team.

My history is an expression and example of those themes. I get to work with wonderful people, serving and helping them not only in financial matters, but in a range of other parts of life…and many have become new best friends. The people here inspire me. My teammates are thoughtful, caring, hardworking and supportive. Even before I was hired, during the interview process, I was able to get a great glimpse into the culture of Premier through intelligent and inspiring conversations with team members. This is a work environment where everyone is encouraged to be their best.

I also love meeting our clients and hearing their stories. I love that the environment here is characterized by ongoing learning and collaboration. The Premier team truly strives to embody excellence and assist our clients in developing financial peace of mind.

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Appreciation, collaboration, excellence, integrity, passion and fun—these are values I strive to live by, both in and out of the office! John has been in the financial industry since , and prior to that he worked his way through college doing construction. He has been instrumental in guiding and advising many significant local retirement plan sponsors.

John is passionate about being a true fiduciary for every client he comes in contact with, and is an advocate for the protection and education of all retirement plan trustees and participants. To request a complimentary consultation call About Us. Meet Our Team. President, Principal, Financial Advisor. Chairman of Board, Principal. Principal, Financial Advisor. John Gloor. Principal, Vice President, Advisor. Financial Advisor. You need to meet certain criteria to qualify for these types of programs. Will I receive financial assistance from the government when I retire? When you retire, you may be eligible for financial assistance programs from the government.

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