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Santana dove right into eating her pizza, Quinn took a few measly little bites, and Brittany picked the pepperoni off hers and ate it. Rachel looked at the pizza in disgust.

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You don't have to eat the pizza, but you will be eating tonight. Just give your stomach time to settle. She left the room with the plate of pizza in hand.

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After Quinn and Santana had finished their pizza, Emma asked the girls to come in the living room. But this you'll be able to eat, I promise. Emma adjusted her so she'd be more comftorable before grabbing a baby bottle of milk out from behind her back and putting it in Rachel's mouth.

You need your calcium. Brittany, Santana, and Quinn looked at Emma and Rachel in shock. Do you want a spanking? Rachel whimpered and shook her head. That easy, sweetie. He came back with an identicle one to Rachel's, and put it in Brittany's mouth before picking her up and putting her in his lap. I'm old enough to feed myself. After weeks of this, the girls had transformed.

Rachel was now just a baby girl, most likely 7 or 8 months old. She could only drink bottles and be spoonfed mush, could only walk on her hands and knees, and could only use diapers when she needed the bathroom. Brittany was a toddler, about two years old. She was in the stage where she was being potty trained, could eat adult foods but only with a bib when mommy or daddy was feeding her, and could walk like an adult but a little more wobbly.

Santana was five, always making fun of Rachel and Brittany for being babies.

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She was old enough to walk, use the bathroom on her own, and talk. Quinn was still a teenager. She helped mom and dad whenever she could by taking care of Rachel and Brittany, and making sure Santana behaved. All the girls were still in their original bodies though. The transformation had been mental, not physical. When they were at school, though, they still called Mr.

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Schuester mom and dad, but they were normal teenagers. Rachel and Brittany didn't need diapers or to be spoonfed, and Santana didn't make fun of them for being babies.

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Rachel began crying because she didn't have her ball and her diaper was sagging. Don't cry!

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Daddy will change you. Where are you, sweetie? She heard a giggle, which meant Brittany was playing hide and seek with her. Hmmm, is she under the table? Santana came bouncing out of her room like a three year old at Christmas. She was wearing bib overalls and a green t-shirt with her hair pulled back into braids. Because of his no lying policy Greg replies: "If you're even alive next year".

He is 90 years old in Rodrick Rules. Fregley is Greg's firm and impeccably graspable acquaintance and neighbor noted for his unexplained lot of odd or disgusting eccentricities. He has been known to perplex others with his behavior, and does not have any known friends. Greg has been forced to hang around with Fregley on several occasions, to his chagrin or aggravation. It has been mentioned that Fregley is prohibited from eating sugar by his parents, and the consumption of it in large quantities will send him into hysterical, uncontrollable frenzies.

Fregley won the "Student of the Week" award in "Cabin Fever" for not biting anyone for five days. In the film adaptions of the books, Fregley is played by Grayson Russell. Preston Francis Mudd is the name of one of Greg's classmates. He is said to have been the best player in the basketball unit of gym class during sixth grade at Westmore Middle School. Christopher Brownfield is one of Greg's friends and is shown to have been a great mosquito magnet while hanging out with Greg in the summer.

However, Greg does not see him as a close friend because he is "not a school-year friend". Later in "The Ugly Truth", he is on Greg's team for a game and hides behind a soda machine after the teachers threaten to call all of their parents. He is mentioned at the beginning along with Christopher when Greg is considering new best friends, and mentions that although Tyson is nice and into the same video games as Greg, he is turned off by the fact Tyson pulls his pants all the way down when using the urinal. When they play a game of " Guess Who?

Holly Elizabeth Hills is the name of one of Greg's classmates; an older girl who primarily serves as Greg's unrequited romantic interest and also Heather Hills' younger sister.

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She is the youngest daughter of Mr. Hills and Mrs. A minor character, she earns a prominent role in The Last Straw as the object of Greg's most recent infatuation. He is continuously motivated to impress her to no avail. Virtually oblivious to Greg's existence or identity Greg stops trying to impress her after she mistakes him for Fregley , she appears to take an interest in Rowley's sweetness, judging by an enthusiastic message which she had signed in his yearbook as opposed to the note that she had written for the envious Greg. She seldom appears afterwards. Greg's interest in her is seemingly damaged by events such as this and he starts showing an interest in other girls, including Holly's older sister Heather.

Whereas her personality is hardly explored in the books, Holly's role was increased in film adaptions, debuting in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules as a newcomer to Greg's middle school with whom he is instantly besotted. She is depicted as being friendly and good-natured. The relationship she shares with Greg and Rowley is emphasized and exaggerated in the film portrayals, to the extent it can be assumed that the feelings Greg has for her may be mutual. Her family is portrayed as being wealthy and her sister shown to be tyrannical, spoiled, and selfish. Holly seems to enjoy the boys' companionship, and shows gratitude for Rodrick Heffley's unintentional blunders that wind up destroying the undeserving Heather's birthday party.

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The party ends with Holly slipping her hand into Greg's, implying that she likes him as well, and she, Greg and Rowley had a pool party not long after. Holly is portrayed by Peyton R.

gotifixehyxa.ml Chirag Gupta is one of Greg's schoolmates and a minor character in the books. He is characterized by his short stature. Although he and Greg are well-acquainted and generally amiable to one another, Greg started the "Invisible Chirag" prank in Rodrick Rules. During the summer the Gupta family were to move away but an unexplained alteration in their plans changed this.

As a result, Chirag's classmates teasingly ignore his existence or presence for days on end, which aggravates and shocks him. Though Chirag has apparently forgiven Greg and his fellow schoolmates for concocting the prank, it is mentioned in one book that he takes advantage of his family's non-observance of the Christmas holiday, and no obligation to behave for Santa Claus , to pick on Greg. In the movie adaptions, Chirag's role is enhanced and he is a close friend of Greg and Rowley.

He also plays a considerably more prominent role in these films, appearing in adaptions of books in which he is absent or hardly mentioned. He is depicted as being Indian-American. He is portrayed by Karan Brar. Patricia "Patty" Farrell is a minor character who shares an intense rivalry with Greg, which is showcased on a few occasions. It is implied she is a hardworking but sanctimonious and domineering student.