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The action in round two had slowed from the blistering pace of round one. In round three, Hearns again tried to set the pace. About a minute into the round, the cut on Hagler's forehead inflicted in the first round opened up, resulting in a tremendous flow of blood down the middleweight champion's face. Referee Richard Steele halted the action to have the ringside physician examine Hagler.

He informed Steele, "No the cut's not bothering his sight, let him go. A tremendous overhand left to the head drove Hearns back to the ropes. Hearns backed away, smiling so as to suggest the punch had not hurt him. Hagler landed a hard right hook high on Hearns' head. The blow staggered Hearns, who awkwardly stumbled backwards into the ropes, Hagler running after him in hot pursuit.

The champion smashed a vicious right hand to Hearns' chin. Hearns went limp and fell forward, as Hagler landed two uppercuts. Hearns staggered to his feet at the count of nine, but he was unable to continue. Referee Steele stopped the bout as he held Hearns upright. The image of a blood-soaked Hagler being carried around the ring in victory by his handlers and Hearns being carried back to his corner in semi-consciousness remains to this day a graphic testimony of the intensity of "The War.

In the immediate aftermath of the fight, Donald Curry who was working for British television was highly critical of the loser. He said "Tommy fought the wrong fight. He should have started cautiously, lose the first couple of rounds. Don't get into a dogfight, but that's what he did. He got into a dogfight with Marvin and he lost. British fight publication Boxing News called it "eight minutes of mayhem", while The Ring called the fight "the most electrifying eight minutes ever," and it won fight of the year for , despite lasting only three rounds.

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Levan and the Garage are the stuff of nightlife history—but strip away the legend, and here's the bare-bones story. Levan and his pal, the recently deceased Frankie Knuckles coincidentally, the only other DJ we can think of with a street named after him were regulars at David Mancuso's Loft and Nicky Siano's Gallery in the early 70s, places where Levan, in particular, soaked up the magical power that a DJ has over a crowd. From the former, he absorbed his aural adventurism; from the latter, pure flamboyance; and from both, how to inject high drama into a set.

Both men got jobs spinning at the gay den of iniquity, The Continental Baths; Knuckles made his historic move to Chicago, while Levan eventually ended up at Reade Street, a club in Tribeca run by Michael Brody that, like the Garage, largely catered to gay men of color. There's much more to it than that, of course—but first, back to those timeworn journey and church adages.

Here's mine: I always tell people that Michael Brody was Dr. Frankenstein, and Larry was Frankenstein's monster. Sometimes Michael would get so mad at Larry—'Larry is driving me crazy! Part of my job there was servicing the sound system, and he let me do anything that needed to be done.

The fighters exchange low kicks. The crowd, which has been patient over the course of this fight, finally begins to boo the lack of action. Gastelum opens with a couple of leg kicks. Gastelum then looks for a takedown. Till blocks that and lands a nice straight left hand. Gastelum connects with a couple of punches. Till catches a kick and pulls Gastelum down but Gastelum immediately returns to his feet.

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Till goes for a takedown. Gastelum attempts to take his back in the process but neither succeed and they return to their feet.


Paradise Punch Lemonade - Calypso

Gastlum takes Till down but Till pops right back up. The scores in opposite directions speaks to how difficult that fight was to judge. Vicente Luque is in his last 11 UFC fights with 9 finishes and that incredible run has earned him an opportunity to fight one of the biggest names in the division. Luque moves in and lands a couple punches. Thompson throws some leg kicks but has been less active early than Luque. Thompson lands a nice straight punch and then Luque answers with one of his own. Thompson catches a kick and follows through with a punch.

Thompson is able to connect with punches the first few times Luque comes in. Thompson is starting to time his counters, which is very dangerous for Luque. Thompson lands a big left hand as Luque moves forward. Thompson knocks Luque down with a head kick and then he punishes Luque with some heavy punches as Luque tries to get something back. Luque answers with a couple punches of his own. Thompson knocks Luque down with a big punch right up the middle.

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He follows with punches on the ground looking to finish but Luque is able to survive. Back on the feet, Thompson is sniping, confidently circling the cage avoiding danger while lunging in with attacks of his own. Thompson lands a head kick late that hurts Luque and he batters him with further attacks against the cage. Luque is in full on defensive mode. Thompson has struggled in recent fights but that was a reminder of how dangerous his style can be to compete against. Blagoy Ivanov is best known for being stabbed and nearly dying before making a successful comeback to MMA.

Super League Grand Final: Double Punch & Red Card - (Ben Flower)

Ivanov catches a kick and drags Lewis down. Ivanov has side control and looks to set up an Americana. Lewis powers out, stands up, and starts swinging. Lewis gets a takedown but Ivanov gets back up. The second round starts out with a measured pace. Lewis lands a few solid punches that send Ivanov back and Lewis really opens up with full power but Ivanov has a great chin. Ivanov takes Lewis down and looks for the Americana again. Lewis gives the thumbs up to the referee but Ivanov keeps cranking. Lewis escapes, gets up, and starts throwing huge punches.

Lewis saves up for his big attacks but Ivanov just keeps coming in the interim. Ivanov gets a takedown late and looks for a choke but time runs out. After all the action in the second, the third is slower. They clinch for an extended period. Ivanov lands a couple nice punches. Lewis looks for a takedown but it is blocked. Lewis charges in looking to land a big punch but Ivanov clinches.

Road FC 49: In Paradise

Ivanov lands some punches from that position. Lewis then opens up one last time to close the fight and gets through with some big punches. The crowd gives a big ovation for Lewis upon the announcement of the decision. Ivanov has a remarkable chin; Lewis likely would have scored the knockout against most. Kevin Lee was at one time considered a potential championship level fighter but he has lost 3 of 4. Now he finds himself being put in position to be a potential stepping stone for the unbeaten Gregor Gillespie.

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Gillespie is a ground ace and will be looking to use Lee to prove what he can do at the top level. Of course, Lee has different plans in mind. Gillespie throws some hard punches to start. He looks for a takedown but Lee prevents that without difficulty. Lee answers back with a nice punch of his own. Both men are relying mostly on their boxing, although Lee did attempt one head kick.

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Lee then knocked Gillespie out cold with a spectacular head kick. This was a crucial victory for Lee in attempting to regain the stature he recently possessed. Donald Trump made his entrance to Octagonside following the Walker-Anderson bout, drawing a loud mixture of boos and cheers from the live crowd.