Mindful Resilience: Navigating the Labyrinth of Change in Times of Challenge

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You can't rush the hunt, you can't predict where or when you will find a Petoskey stone hidden in plain sight. Surrendering to the moment, releasing expectations, cultivating curiosity and practicing patience are the secret ingredients to success in discovering a coveted Petoskey stone. What is right beneath our feet often remains undiscovered until we observe closely.

Sounds a lot like mindfulness practice doesn't it? How do you cultivate mindfulness in your everyday life and in your special places? G : Glove…notice the ritual of putting the glove on your hand. Can you feel each of the fingers, does the glove feel loose, tight? Stretch and close your hand with focus on the movement. Notice how this hand feels in comparison to the hand that is ungloved.

O : Observe the breath. By dropping the breath low into the belly, your physiological fight or flight reaction will be roadblocked. Try to expand your belly slowly on the in-breath and deflate it on the out breath. L : Listen…notice sounds and sensations, internal and external.

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F : Focus with a sense of curiosity, not judgement. What do you notice about the ball in front of you, your club, the grass or tee. Allow yourself to attend to what you notice in this moment. Daily walks are treasure hunts for me. I walk the same route as I drive each day, yet I see so much more from my walking perspective than I do through the windshield.

These are treasure hunts with a twist… I am not specifically hunting for a specific object, but for bits of beauty, treasures, that have gone unrecognized, unnoticed in the day to day of getting from point A to point B. Early spring is one of my favorite times to go treasure hunting, I am never disappointed and always in awe of the bits of beauty that become visible before my eyes.

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I am embracing a new word at least for me … Pyt. What a magical Danish word that immediately defuses and de-stresses annoyances and inconveniences. The word pyt, while not having a direct translation to English, reflects the art of letting go of things out of our control and helps us refocus our energy in the present moment. A reminder to be return to mindfulness amidst annoyance, frustration or stress. You accept it and move on. Pyt buttons are used in Danish schools to help students reset and refocus after an annoyance.

We all need a little more pyt in our lives, to help us be a bit more compassionate and forgiving with ourselves and others.

Mindful Resilience: Navigating the Labyrinth of Change in Times of Challenge

As you may know during the month of January each year I host haikuchalkenge this year was haikuchallenge19 where I write and post a haiku accompanied with an image each day and encourage others to participate with this mindful activity. While the haiku challenge lasts just one month, I encourage myself and you to find mindful moments frequently throughout the year and actually notice them while they are occurring…perhaps with a pause, perhaps by capturing with your senses or by describing with words or image.

I look forward to sharing with you my mindful musings on my blog and I hope you will share yours. The word ikigai translates from Japanese to English as iki to live and gai reason. The concept of ikigai however is much more significant. However, when we look closer, we are surviving albeit quite successfully but not thriving? I would argue that we have and this is a factor in our collective stress, lack of resilience and unhappiness.

Numerous studies have identified certain characteristics of stress hardy or resilient individuals — interestingly these traits and states overlap with the concept of ikigai. Ikigai is not a static concept, but one that depends on observation, exploration, curiosity, creativity and yes, a bit of risk taking to step out of our comfort zones. Building skills of mindfulness and resilience into our work lives may help to reset our personal ikigai.

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As we begin to explore a broader definition of success, perhaps we can find ways to shift from simply surviving to actually thriving. Recent Newsletters Archived Newsletters. Here are some simple ways to begin: Develop routines — Kids and adults under stress respond positively to knowing what to expect.

Sheila Flood August 10, Seeing all creation through the lens of divine Love, can change how we see and interact with nature. Anna Bowness-Park August 3, Zen practice for a beginner is about sitting still, in silence, on the cushion for a few minutes a day with focus. Soshin McMurchy July 31, Soshin McMurchy July 27, Badi Shams July 24, An enduring lesson on reading the Bible, from an unlikely source. Drew Snider July 20, Prayer that is mindful can help our focus and change our reactions in daily life.

Kevin Aschenbrenner July 18, Sheila Flood July 17, Kevin Aschenbrenner July 13, Too much prosperity for so few creates an imbalance that can and must be corrected. Suresh Basrur July 9, Seeing competitiveness in a more spiritual light brings out better qualities in the workplace. Suresh Basrur July 6, The Victoria Pride Society proclaim a mission and goals that we as a faith community should be proud to support. Lyle McKenzie June 29, Badi Shams June 26, Morality and economics should balance each other rather than competing for organizing and governing economics.

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Badi Shams June 22, To help me stay on track with my Jewish faith this year I had some help from technology:. Fiona Prince June 13, Prayer should be a tine of reverence, so why can it be so difficult sometimes? Fiona Prince June 8, Spiritually Speaking June 5, Julianne Kasmer May 31, Spiritually Speaking May 29, Anna Bowness-Park May 24, Shana Lynngood May 22, Shana Lynngood May 18, How can we lessen the emotional burden of people that may lead them down this awful path? Badi Shams May 15, Consultation with local communities is at the core of development work done by Aga Khan Foundation Canada.

Karima Ramji May 11, Paul Newman May 8, Paul Newman May 4, Spiritually Speaking April 30, Passover centers around a festive meal called a seder where symbolic foods and rituals aid in telling the story of liberation. Rabbi Harry Brechner April 27, Easter celebrates the fact that Jesus is still alive as a living spirit who touches people's lives in many different ways today.

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Paul Newman April 24, The Easter Vigil is an important reminder of our need for hope, courage and forgiveness. The approach of Earth Day this Monday comes with a couple of alarming news stories. Drew Snider April 17, Gentrification of downtown Vancouver spurs Gospel Mission to seek new home for its work. Drew Snider April 13, Keith Simmonds April 5, Hate is too great a burden to bear.

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Alastair McCollum April 3, Alastair McCollum March 30, The story of the liberation of our Hebrew ancestors from slavery cries out to be universalized. Alan Rutkowski March 23, Spiritually Speaking March 21, Victoria Multifaith Society writes an open letter of love and solidarity with the Muslim community. Victoria Multifaith Society March 19, Larry Scott March 16, Wayne Codling March 13, What will be the contours of our communities look like when places dedicated to the sacred finally turn into condos, restaurants and boutique clothing outlets?

Christopher Page March 11, Results of studies in neuroplasticity show that meditation can help rewire the brain. Wayne Codling March 9, Sheila Flood March 6, What changes are needed internationally to create a democratic, sustainable, humane world?

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Sheila Flood March 2, Spiritually Speaking February 27, Charity includes the giving of gentleness, the giving of caring, the giving of love. Maryam Baksh February 23, Paul Newman February 16, Learning from communities both at home and away can teach lessons on love for our planet. Keith Simmonds February 13, Matthew Jackson February 9, Room Spiritually Speaking February 6, Spiritually Speaking February 5, A simple example of kindness can inspire a goal to nurture and be a witness to kindness.

Julianne Kasmer February 2, Soshin McMurchy January 30, Zen training helps us pay attention to the ever changing emotional soup we live in. Soshin McMurchy January 26, Paul Newman January 23, Lyle McKenzie January 19, Spiritually Speaking January 16, Shana Lynngood January 12, Drew Snider January 10, Drew Snider January 5, Kevin Aschenbrenner December 29, Taking time this Christmas to think more deeply about the birth of Christ Jesus can be life-changing.

This Christmas celebrates years of the continual singing of the carol, Silent Night. Anna Bowness-Park December 15, Celebrating religious festivals together is an opportunity to better understand our neighbours. Fiona Prince December 12, Fiona Prince December 8, Advent is understood as a celebration of peace and good will, culminating in Christmas itself. Larry Scott December 1, The Jewish Community in Victoria deeply appreciates the support received in the wake of the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Rabbi Harry Brechner November 24, A Hindu view of wisdom explains that it is not for the select few. Wisdom is available for all. Suresh Basrur November 21, Suresh Basrur November 17, Spiritually Speaking November 14, The widespread participation in Remembrance Day is cause for hope for a better world. Paul Newman November 9, Shedding turf a first, says sports-field firm. Activists battling to prevent closing of rooming house. Hydro says customers are largely unprepared for worsening winter storms. Japanese-style recreation building plus 3-section dog area for Esquimalt Gorge Park.

New anchor tenant confirmed for Hillside shopping centre — but who is it? Comox military member accused of running illegal marijuana-oil lab. Military member accused of running illegal marijuana-oil lab in B.

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Transit advisories for Greater Victoria on Friday morning. Spiritually Speaking. Truth - an essential component for survival Truth reflects integrity, and without integrity, man is nothing. We must keep our hope as we search for truth In the search for truth, we must keep our faith, hope, dignity, and our humanity Suresh Basrur November 16, Lest we Forget, and lose spiritual attentiveness Why Remembrance Day helps to cultivate spiritual attentiveness Larry Scott November 9, How spiritual identity is related to healing Discovering our spiritual identity and relationship to God, enables us to experience healing in our lives Matthew Jackson November 2, Kristallnacht Remembrance Events Two events for community participation that focus on learning about, and remembering Kristallnacht.