Las lágrimas de un clown (Spanish Edition)

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A mathematical truth is neither simple nor complicated; it is. No me gusta aprender los verbos irregulares. I don't like learning irregular verbs. Las vacaciones se acabaron. The vacation is over now. Es la pura verdad. That's the absolute truth. La vida es bella. Life is beautiful. He doesn't want you to tell him about your sex life.

Have you ever eaten a banana pie?

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Nunca lo vamos a lograr. Let's face it, it's impossible.

We're never gonna make it. It's over between us. Give me back my ring! She's really smart, isn't she? An opinion is shocking only if it is a conviction. Every opinion is a mixture of truth and mistakes. La vida es una enfermedad mortal sexualmente transmisible. Life is a fatal sexually transmitted disease. Our opinion is an idea which we have; our conviction an idea which has us.

My parents would repudiate my brother if they ever found out he was gay. All the king's subjects, fearing his wrath, often acted quite servile. Nosotros debemos aprender a encarar virtuosamente la adversidad. We must learn to meet adversity gracefully.

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Sometimes hockey players get so competitive that fights break out. A cursory examination of his teeth indicated that he had gingivitis. I won't lose! Creo que voy a estornudar I think I'm gonna sneeze. Give me a tissue. He won't beat me.

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I have to do laundry while it's still sunny. I won't lower myself to his level. I am alive even though I am not giving any sign of life. Yo estoy muy viejo para este mundo.


I am too old for this world. Life begins when you're ready to live it. Winter is my favorite season. Your secret will be safe with me. No puedo esperar para salir de vacaciones. I can't wait to go on a vacation. Where is the bathroom? Tengo nacionalidad francesa, pero soy de origen vietnamita. I have French nationality but Vietnamese origins. I'm going to buy myself a new camera, digital this time. The answer leads us to a vicious circle. Holy crap, who's the asshole who dares call me in the middle of the night?!

To share one's passion is to live it fully. Life is not long, it is wide! She is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

A Spanish-Speaking Clown’s Burbank-Filmed Talk Show Has Become a Cultural Bridge

Fruits and vegetables are essential to a balanced diet. What is the advantage of this technology? All I need to know about life, I learned from a snowman. Check that your username and password are written correctly.

Llevo marcapasos. I've got a pacemaker. Lavar, cortar y secar, por favor. Cut, wash and dry, please. Could you please repeat that? More than 90 percent of visits to a web page are from search engines. Any chance you know where I put my keys? The only way on Earth to multiply happiness is to divide it. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Recoge tus cosas y vete. Pick up your things and go away. Es perro viejo.

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He's an old timer. Fifty-two per cent of British women prefer chocolate to sex. No estoy nada convencido. I'm not convinced at all. Any activity you need to accomplish will take more time than you have. He came several times. It was raining when we left, but by the time we arrived, it was sunny. I have to give back the book before Saturday. How can you have a laptop and not a cell phone? I ate caviar.

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No va en serio, no le guardo rencor. It's not serious, I don't bear him a grudge. Me alegra verte de vuelta. I'm glad to see you back. It's easier to have fun than to work.