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But this song was bannrd from our school dances sometime around I graduated in Played in a band called Street Gang at the above airbase and played Mony Mony which did not go down well with some officer when the crowd jumped up giving it hey get laid get ked great night we had the north of England chanting it soon after.

I remember the teen dances at the community center in Northeast Indiana back in The high school I went to has a Marathon dance where the students dance for 28 hours to raise money for recipients chosen by the students. I live in New Zealand and we sang the Hey mother fucker version back when I was at intermediate school.

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I think I was about years old. The additional lyrics are not just a North American thing.

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Fast forward some 5 years, my brother marries a Singaporean girl. And what do you know. And that was at a Catholic high school in Western Pennsylvania. Hey what? Kinda neat to know that we might have been on the forefront of this thing. Southern New England here. Get Laid! Get Fucked! Amazing what you miss while you are raising kids… lol. Been trying for about a year to try and remember the song…funny that only the chant remained somewhere deep in my brain…haha. This thread was fun…you get older, but some times are forever! This is crazy!

Previous to that, I saw Billy Idol in a small club in Palo Alto back in perhaps and that chant most definitely was not occurring. In the past couple of years I have had the immense pleasure to attend a half dozen or so concerts by The Killers and there are very unique hand gestures that the fans do and that I do now, too! The fans even know the differences between the recorded versions of songs and what Brandon Flowers will do live, and will sing along with those changes.

It is very interesting that there is this sub-culture among live concert enthusiasts that those listening to the songs on the radio would never know about, and that the info is passed from person to person at a show, rather than on the internet. Sooo glad I found this page! After that it was standard at every school dance, clubs and parties. When Mony Mony came on, I chanted the phrase to the horror and disgust of my young friends. Hey, hey what version was being done at tiny division 3 college parties at olivet college in the fall of By spring at the senior party we hired a dj from wvic in lansing.

We did it for him and he was blown away. He said he had never heard it before and he djd all over the place. Maybe Olivet created an original? I first saw Billy Idol in concert in central Ohio in Funny thing when the song topped the charts in late I was stationed in California but never heard the chant until Figure that! Drink milk, eat cheese! Some random nightclub in Keystone, Colorado — March Forgot about it until I saw this. But WE were. First time I heard was at public school dances in Barrie, Ontario but have had conversation with an older gentleman years ago that believes it started before Billy Idols days.

I have no idea where the people who were doing it got it from. When I went to college in Iowa the Homecoming dance had a live band, and when they played MM the chant by all the attendees was the same. I grew up near buffalo, ny and went to high school from Funny, I made up those lyrics at a social. Bored just dancing to this song. I decided to sing, making up lyrics as we danced. Who knew it would spread all over with people adding their own lyrics.

So now you know. Case closed! Then we had the grad banquet which was only for the graduating class. We were loud. We were raucous. None of us ever heard the audience participation, until we went there. But, of course, we brought it back to the States for our other high school friends … and then brought it to our various colleges. I have a feeling a lot of other high school kids did the same from around I was a bit of a wallflower in high school, and so had never heard the chant before I started college, but it definitely stuck in my memory.

I always thought it was a local thing, though. Finding this page blew me away! Funny how Dan mentioned Rocky Horror in an earlier comment. Talk about memes! And once again, people were doing it well before the Internet was widely available. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Our mission is to inspire and empower those interested in shaping the future of Entertainment, including music, video, sports, and gaming.

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Rockox says:. January 30, at am. December 28, at am. Anonymous says:. September 13, at am. Alan Cross says:. That's a new one to add to the list. I wonder how the chant mutations develop? January 6, at pm. Did you mean the late 90s? Ellen Montross says:.

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October 28, at pm. Mike says:. Emily says:. John Derp says:. October 21, at pm. PS, that's from about present. Never heard "hey motherfucker" before. Don J says:. Rich says:. Carol says:. Carol I don't know how to use Twitter. K says:.

January 14, at pm. Caddock says:. In New Brunswick we went with the Southern Ontario version back in the late 80's.

Bruffin says:. Wow, that little trip down memory lane was nice. William Broad says:.

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Sobekisis says:. MassKid says:.

How To Get Laid By Simply Saying Hello

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