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Sitter in 7 portraits. Artist back to top David Newell-Smith , Photographer. Artist of 91 portraits. Portrait set back to top Photographs of politicians by David Newell-Smith, late s-early s. Events of back to top Current affairs Edward 'Ted' Heath wins a surprise victory for the Conservative party at the general election, becoming Prime Minister. Opinion polls had predicted a comfortable Labour victory, but with a failing economy, the Tories snatched a narrow last minute majority.

Art and science Germaine Greer publishes The Female Eunuch , an influential feminist text arguing that women's sexuality and capacity for action are repressed by the family and their roles in society. Greer suggested that women should get to know their bodies and become empowered by their sexuality.

The book was an international best seller. International Four aircraft are hijacked by Palestinian terrorists. The planes were landed in Cairo, Jordan and London and the hijackers demanded the release of Political Prisoners in exchange for the hostages. Several prisoners were returned and three of the planes were blown up after most of the hostages were release.

Four students are shot dead by national guardsmen during a protest against the Vietnam War in America. Tell us more back to top Can you tell us more about this portrait? Nixon reluctantly agrees to help him with the investigation. Taviner is given a new role as ward officer of the Cole Lane Estate, but Murphy doubts his motives when he eagerly assists an attractive resident.

McAllister is forced to hold her tongue when her main witness in the rape case starts to demand perks for her testimony. Glaze unhappily finds himself on the end of a transfer into CSU. Suspicion as to how the illegals are gaining legal identity documents trails a lead to an interpreter who has been working alongside the "snakehead" gang.

Meanwhile, Taviner's second day as ward officer proves an eventful one when he finds a shoeless man running for his life, and McAllister suspects that he may well be a witness to a serious crime.

Young's hard work on the rape case threatens to blow itself out of the water after a key witness is deemed incredible. As the investigation into the paedophile ring is reopened, Webb can't believe his luck when Ron Gregory lands back in his lap. However, he is surprised when his investigation leads him to find a link between Gregory and Okaro. The relief swoop into London's Chinatown in an attempt to locate and arrest corrupt interpreter Mai Ann Wey. Desperate to make amends to Murphy, Taviner manages to catch Mai Ann when she eludes the rest of the team. Webb is in turmoil after witnessing Okaro having a friendly meeting with a suspected paedophile.

Gold begins to have her own suspicions about Okaro when Webb sees him taking his own daughter to visit Gregory. Okaro is furious when Webb charges into a delicate covert operation to ensnare Gregory. Gregory is arrested, and the "child" in his boot is revealed to be Cryer. Cryer and Webb break into the house of Gregory's solicitor and find a frightened little African girl in an attic.

Jesse Birdsall and Melanie Hill guest star. McAllister and Drummond attend the scene of a horrific road accident, where a man impaled by a pole, believing himself to be dying, confesses to killing his wife and hiding her body. When they find his wife alive and well, they suspect that the shock of the crash may be affecting the man's memory. But when they discover he had been married before, and his ex-wife mysteriously disappeared, they realise his confession may be true after all.

A weary Meadows receives Webb's phone message, and he and Okaro leap into action to find Webb and Cryer before Gregory murders them. Eric Sykes guest stars. Buxton and Klein find an elderly woman wandering alone across the Cole Lane estate, who appears to be in some distress.

Meanwhile, Taviner and Murphy discover an elderly man who is also in distress after having his flat broken into. Suspicious of why both elderly residents are so frightened of the police, Klein and Murphy attempt to find out the reasons behind their fear. Klein is close to being caught with cocaine by Carver. Murphy notices the animosity between the pair and Carver soon spills the beans over Klein's drug habit.

Kane's ex-wife arrives at the station to report the hate mail she has been receiving.

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When she mentions a possible reconciliation to Bradford, Bradford lashes out. Geraldine Alexander guest stars. Bradford attempts to cover her tracks after attacking Kane's ex-wife, but Tait's suspicions are aroused when he discovers the car park complex's CCTV tapes have been stolen. McAllister suspects Kane is responsible, and her abrupt line of questioning puts both Kane and Drummond offside.

As Kane waits at St Hugh's for news of Tanya's condition, Bradford turns up to work, full of sympathy for Kane and his ex-wife. Only Cryer has suspicions, as Cathy adds lie upon lie, even volunteering to help with the case so she can cover up evidence of her involvement. As Bradford comforts Kane at the hospital, she is horrified to hear that his ex-wife's condition is improving and she may recover. Jan Anderson guest stars. The investigation into the attack on Kane's ex-wife continues, and MIT are called in to investigate.

McAllister teams up with DI Will Elvins, but the pair soon come to the same conclusion that Kane attacked his ex-wife.

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Bradford prepares to flee the country, but she receives a phone call from Page, who informs her that MIT are questioning Kane and that he is their prime suspect. As suspicion begins to fall on her, Bradford changes her mind and arrives back at the station, and taking a leaf out of McAllister's book, tells MIT that Kane couldn't have attacked his ex-wife, as at the time, he was regularly beating her up after he discovered that she was pregnant with his baby. Can Kane prove his innocence? Osbourne arrests a TV weathergirl for shoplifting, but after overhearing remarks towards Gemma's sexuality, she fabricates a sexual assault claim in an attempt to get off the charges.

Tait and Best find themselves in competition in an attempt to woo a glamorous robbery victim. Tait conspires against Best by having him recalled to the station, but after being paired with Taviner, once again finds himself in competition.

Best is caught with his pants down by the victim's husband, who is under surveillance by CID for a brutal attack. Meanwhile, the girlfriend of Klein's dealer turns out to be Boyden's daughter, and Osbourne is attacked and left badly beaten by a mystery female attacker. Guest appearance from Bob Cryer , Zig Byfield guest stars.


The disappearance of a young girl prompts the relief to swallow their pride and call in retired sergeant Bob Cryer, who knows the family better than anyone — but his services are soon dispensed with when it becomes clear that his old-school methods aren't suited to Sun Hill's modern style of policing. Undeterred, the veteran plod teams up with his niece to finish the job, but it appears the suspect may be someone believed to be dead. Meanwhile, Osbourne ponders her future at the station following her brutal attack, and drug-addled Klein looks set to be found out when his colleagues raid the house where he is taking his first dose of crack, with the help of Boyden's daughter Amy.

Stuart Organ guest stars. The relief investigate when an unidentified five-year-old girl turns up in St. Hugh's hospital having accidentally ingested crack cocaine. With very little to go on, the search becomes underway to find her mother, but it's not long before Boyden realises the girl's mother is none other than his own tearaway daughter, Amy. The case takes on a different dimension for Best when he interviews a witness and discovers that Klein was also in the taxi that dropped the little girl off at the hospital.

Back at the station, a thief is at large, and Tait is in the frame when Glaze's phone is found in his locker, while Nixon faces facts when her trouble-making teenage daughter Abi is brought in for being drunk and disorderly. Temporary departure of PC Nick Klein. When a young adoptee is suspected to have attacked his foster father, Nixon and Klein find that the boy is torn between his two families.

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The boy later disappears, and is found atop a high-rise building, but despite Boyden's efforts to coach him down, he jumps to his death, leaving his very angry brother to rage war on Boyden. Meanwhile, Okaro and Gold set up a surveillance camera in an attempt to catch the thief, and discover Carver breaking into Klein's locker.

Carver reveals that Klein has been taking drugs and an obbo is staged to catch Klein in the act. Carver and Best catch Klein stealing from Carver's girlfriend's house, but Okaro chooses to send him into rehab rather than sack him.