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Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Program Research and Facilities Faculty and Staff. Degree Requirements. Advisor Dr.

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Contact Dr. Semiconductors have driven major technology breakthroughs over the last 4 decades and are the key enabling technology for implementing new systems to solve major challenges of mankind especially in the areas energy, mobility, security, health, and communication. There is an ongoing strong trend to integrate ever more functionality onto one single chip, in order to reduce power consumption, to gain speed, and to save cost.

enacover.tk In order to lead technological development now and in future and to increase one's share in highly competitive large markets, it is mandatory to cultivate competencies and skills in the design of integrated circuits and systems. The center of competence DECS performs advanced research and teaching in design and methodology of integrated circuits on all levels of abstraction.

DECS provides the necessary competencies, methodologies, and design environments for education and research in new semiconductor based solutions.

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  • Highly innovative systems can only be realized if power-optimized and very small, i. System requirements such as speed, power, yield, reliability, security or safety call for new approaches to heterogeneous silicon systems with software, embedded hardware - comprising analog, mixed-signal, digital, RF, transistor and memory devices, realized in CMOS and other technologies, as well as in FPGAs.

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