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Then, call for emergency medical help.

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It helps to know what chemical product the child has swallowed or has been exposed to. You may need to take it with you to the hospital. Keep the number for poison control, , in an easily accessible place, such as on the refrigerator. Reviewed by: Kate M. Cronan, MD.

What Are the Types and Degrees of Burns?

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An exclamatory response , generally used by a third party after someone has just received an insult. Oh , BURN! Burn unknown.

Burns: Types, Symptoms, and Treatments

To be thoroughly humiliated or insulted to the point where you cannot return with a comeback. Fred was " burned " by his friends for admitting to liking Limp Bizkit.

Deep Purple-Burn

An exclamation used to imply that one has just been insulted with no chance of rebuttal. A usually sarcastic and insulting comment, devised to burn someone's emotions. Brilliant burns are something anyone around, other than the wimpy victim, should appreciate. One must never say these words if they are administering the burn.