Best Free Traffic Exchanges For May 2013 (The Best Free Online Advertising Websites)

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Finally, Facebook likes to break redirects, so it makes it very difficult to track campaigns with some marketing tools. You may have never even used Snapchat While it may be smaller than Facebook Snapchat has nearly million daily users! Currently, US teenagers dominate the audience on Snapchat. So if your offer or brand caters to this audience, then it's a platform, you need to check out. While Snapchat does have cheap international traffic, several GEOs I've tested have had terrible results.

Recently Snapchat has gotten much more strict on what they allow on the platform. If you have ad disapprovals before getting an ad approved on your account, it will result in a soft ban.

Meaning any ads, you attempt to run thereafter will automatically be disapproved. Snapchat is currently not a very well known traffic source. When I go on the Snapchat app to view ads, I often see the same advertisers buying the majority of the traffic.

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While just like any traffic source, some verticals will do better than others, I highly suggest giving Snapchat a try. Due to Snapchat being a mobile-only app, all traffic you will be buying will come from Smartphones and Tablets.

traffic exchange - traffup - best free traffic exchange website!

If you would like to run campaigns on Snapachat, read my guide: Snapchat Ads Guide. Advertise on Pinterest. Also, since Twitter had really been pushing out more ad products in , there is a ton of opportunity.

Great Paid Traffic Sources! 26 Ad Networks That Really Work

Just like Facebook, Twitter has incredible demographic targeting and has even recently introduced keyword targeting. However, as I mentioned in the cons, they have been really pushing out new ad products this year. The other drawback is Twitter ads are pretty expensive out the gate, so unless you already have to convert demographic metrics, expect to have a large burn budget to get a significant data set. I love Twitter as both a social network and a traffic source. Just like many other social Linkedin has excellent demographics targeting. Linkedin is also one of the best places to advertise your product to get in front of decision-makers.

This makes it very easy to know if the traffic is working for you or not, as you have less random variables, such as new advertisers screwing your data. The only targeting options you have been by selecting what is called a sub-Reddit. This is essentially category targeting but makes optimizing campaigns very difficult on the front end. Unlike the other social networks, Reddit is community-driven and is a big support of privacy. Also, because of the privacy, Reddit has for its users and lack of targeting options. The only way you can optimize a campaign is through split testing various landing pages.

Then StumbleUpon Ads are a great way to get the ball rolling. StumbleUpon traffic, all in all, is deficient quality. That is just the nature of StumbleUpon; the users click a button to go to the next page.

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Expect to have people on your site for 5 seconds or less. If done right, StumbleUpon can bring you links to your site, social shares, and tons of traffic outside of the StumbleUpon community. Make sure your content is eye-catching and extremely useful as you only have a few seconds to capture their interest.

This allows you to be more responsive if you plan on building out your social accounts. It allows you to analyze essential demographics data of your Facebook fans. This is great for small businesses as it allows you to keep up to date with everything all in one platform. Some networks even take advantage of features built into the phone, such as push notifications. Just note that the majority of your traffic will come from tier 2 apps, which have much lower quality traffic in most regions.

Make sure to get yourself a rep at inMobi and be prepared to have some severe spend to get your hands on their top tier traffic. It has much higher quality traffic for the US and Canada than other mobile networks on this list. Since their review process is rigorous, it results in better for the users, which means higher quality traffic. The platform is also straightforward to navigate and set a campaign up for. You can quickly scale your campaigns if you find a winner.

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Traffic prices are costly compared to others on the list. The majority of traffic is from the same exchanges as all the other RTBs fight over. This is a comprehensive network for app developers looking to grow their audience in the US and Canada. They also have some of the best targetings in the industry with their AirDSP. It allows for real-time optimization down to the device level. Airpush also has recently been introducing a lot of great new ad products such as abstract banners. These will result in higher click-through rates than your standard mobile advertisements. Ever since Google officially killed off push ads back in , Airpush appears to be run by a skeleton crew.

My campaigns have taken as long as a week actually to get set live, and support tickets take well over a day or two. Using Tapjoy to inflate your installs also works very well in helping your apps on the Play Store rank organically. Incent traffic is of low quality in nature.

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  • You have broken it down into easy to follow steps. Thanks again. Glad you enjoyed the post, Margaret. Let me know how the CPA offers you run work out or if you have any questions. Thank you for this article. Thanks for the article, great overview of the process. I have a question, do you recommend creating a list for these CPA offers? Would you this be the best way to convert the offers? Glad you enjoyed it, Long. It depends. The best way to convert them is to either get them on a value-packed email newsletter or to use the integration strategy I talk about in the post.

    My brother referred me this article when i asked him what he is upto these days. He said CPA and i asked what is it. That is how i ended here. It was a great article and now i know what is CPA and i am gonna try this soon. Brian Its a Brilliant piece! Thanks Shuvo. Hey Brian. Nice article explaining CPA offers. I wanted to ask your opinion on this — would CPA offers do well on humour niche? Thanks Harry. Brian, This is definitely the ultimate guide for CPA. Filled with great information.

    List of Top 13 FREE Website Promotion Ideas | Digital Marketing Philippines

    Faye, To do well with CPA or internet marketing in general , you definitely need traffic first. Do you need a website set up first before contacting the affiliate networks in order to get approved? Thanks Brian for such guide that can give inspiration to any newbie to join CPA. I recently came across few CPA marketers which created an interest to look at the subject.

    Hey Brian, Love your work. Recently, I started thinking about affiliate marketing and using that knowledge to try it out. This mistakes holds a lot of affiliates back: thinking like an affiliate marketer. If you want to get traffic, you need to act like a big brand. Sites like Money Supermarket and Nerd Wallet run the type of affiliate sites that crush it today by providing tons and tons of value.

    Definitely agree with you that you should never run a mediocre site.