A Plague of Secrets: (Dismas Hardy 13)

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Average Rating. Dismas Hardy novels volume On Shelf. North Regional - Large Print. Place Hold. Add a Review. Add To List. More Details. When acquaintances of Maya Townshend are murdered and she is brought to trial, her future and the political landscape of the city hangs in the balance, hostage to the explosive secret that Dismas Hardy, San Francisco defense attorney, is privilege-bound to protect. Also in This Series. Similar Titles From NoveList. Similar Series From NoveList. Similar Authors From NoveList. Published Reviews. Reviews from GoodReads. Loading GoodReads Reviews. Citation formats are based on standards as of July We are experiencing technical difficulties.

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But when another murder exposes a drug-buying A-list celebrity and political clientele, a tabloid-fueled controversy takes the investigation into the realms of conspiracy and cover up. Scholler had plenty of reasons for revenge—but as Dismas delves into the case, he begins to uncover a terrible truth that drops him right into the complicated world of government conspiracy, assassination, and betrayal…. The Motive. And when the bodies of Hanover and his girlfriend were found in the charred debris, it appeared that the end came even more quickly for them-judging from the bullet holes in their heads.

Hanover was a friend-and donor-to the mayor, who wants answers. And in trying to provide them, Abe Glitsky and Dismas Hardy will face an old lover and an old enemy-and follow a trail of evidence that stretches far beyond their usual jurisdiction. The Second Chair. Although he appears to have reached the top, Dismas Hardy, rainmaker and managing partner of his thriving San Francisco law firm, has lost his faith in the justice system.

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When his young associate, Amy Wu, brings in a high profile, controversial double murder case, he decides to sit second chair—in defense of a wealthy, privileged young man even he has trouble believing. Hounded by a hostile media, distanced from day-to-day police work, Glitsky must struggle against a wave of violence that has put the city on the verge of panic. The First Law. While Dismas Hardy has built a solid legal practice and a happy family, his friend John Holiday, a proprietor of a rundown local bar, has not followed the same path.

The police now believe three things: that Hardy is a liar protecting Holiday, that Holiday is a cold-blooded killer, and that Glitsky is a bad cop on the wrong side of the law.

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The Oath. When HMO executive Tim Markham is hit by a car during a morning jog through his exclusive San Francisco neighborhood, he has the bad luck to be transported to one of his own hospitals. Very entertaining trial procedure and strong interesting characters. The mystery well crafted, though the real kill The Manager of a popular coffee house is murdered and a backpack of weed beside his body. The mystery well crafted, though the real killer is a surprise twist I didn't see coming.

Quite enjoyable Another interesting story with a good mix of humor and outrage. Maybe it could use more T-shirts, but it had a few good ones.

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OK, lest you think I'm crazy, I'm talking about his partner who likes to wear humorous T-shirts a lot, seemingly only once for each one. For example, there was one good one in this book that said "Haikus can be easy. Then Hardy pulls one out of his hat and gets them off. It also demonstrates a problem I've seen in a lot of books, which probably happens in real life too. Once the police find someone they like for a crime, they stop looking for alternative suspects or facts.

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They start using a faulty logic where they start with a false premise: this person is guilty. Therefore, they interpret all new information in that context, and ignore anything that doesn't fit. At worst, they start leading witnesses by coloring their testimony to match their view of the facts, until an innocent person becomes a monster. This is one of the reasons I oppose the death penalty. May 15, Kathryn rated it really liked it. What a wild and twisted tale but ultimately satisfying as are all the books in the Dismas Hardy series.

Aug 09, David rated it it was ok Shelves: completed. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The most important thing I learned from this book was how to pronounce the author's name.. I have been a fan of the Dismas Hardy series from early on.

Lescroart has always done a powerful job of weaving a number of elements into each story. Sadly, he does it in a way that breaks the rythmn of the novel, offering a sidebar look at possible suspects in order to implicate them to the reader Sadly, because he is unable to sell any of them as the bad guy until he telegraphs the actual killer well in advance of the conclusion. Very disappointing. In previous novels, watching Hardy interact with friends and colleagues through various crisis have endeared the characters to me and managed to evoke a powerful emotional response.

Lescroart, John

This time, the author presents a serious crisis with emotional punch Abe's son is seriously injured and maybe brain damaged but the characters all seem to dance around it.. Oh, there's some discusssion and dialogue, but the emotional impact is sorely lacking. The whole issue is presented for the Deus Ex Machina to allow Abe to have adequate and reasonable cause for not overseeing his homocide investigators properly, as he is distracted by this personal trauma. However, I never got the impression Abe was truly concerned for his injured son, but instead was concerned about his own personal responsibility in the accident and aftermath.

Dismas does pull out the famous skillet, but only once and he doesn't get all that creative. One of the fun things about this series is when Dismas is thinking about a serious case he will often forget to eat, then pull the cast iron skillet out, drop some butter and pretty much whatever he can find in the refigerator into the pan, making for some creative skillet meals.

However, the Asian-Greek food at the downtown diner remains a source of humor and interest.

John Lescroart

He uses tactics designed to upset the judge or to get the judge on his side about an issue. On top of that, Dismas often is faced with some sort of legal conundrum. A damned-if-you-do, etc. For example, in previous cases he could not put his client on the stand because he knew that the client would lie and that would violate judicial ethics.. Dismas plods through the case in a methodical and effective manner. However, I want to see some of those courtroom tricks and fancy strategy, and this novel offered very little of that.

Still, the novel was worth reading for me. I picked it up for. Oct 17, Caitlin rated it liked it Shelves: In the world of legal thrillers John Grisham usually gets all the hype, but John Lescroart and Robert Tannenbaum are much better writers.

A Plague of Secrets is Lescroart's twentieth book in his Dismas Hardy series; that's pretty impressive. After twenty books in the series, I really care about these people, they feel fleshed out and real to me. Additionally, In the world of legal thrillers John Grisham usually gets all the hype, but John Lescroart and Robert Tannenbaum are much better writers. Additionally, Lescroart has avoided the trap of making his series character massively irritating Patricia Cornwell , I'm looking at you.

I don't know why so many series writers turn their characters into people I wouldn't want to spend ten minutes waiting on a bus with, but they often do. I'm glad Lescroart hasn't. What more could you want from a thriller? Jul 21, Linda rated it liked it Shelves: mystery-thriller.