21 Days to Shift Your Money Mindset and Transform Your Business

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Be positive and distance yourself from negativity. Think of problems as an opportunity or a challenge and your subconscious will automatically work on positive solutions. When you set unrealistic expectations, focusing on the positive can actually become self-destructive.

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Further, stop pretending that everything is fine. Be truthful to yourself and realistic in tough times instead of simply assuming that things will get better. You never know which opportunity will work in your favor. What if an opportunity never comes by? A good opportunity might be right in front of your eyes and you might not be able to see it. Being open-minded and calm, and visualizing your goals will help you be aware of opportunities.

How to Put Mindset Work On Autopilot

Changing your mindset will also help you conceive new ideas and create opportunities where there are none. For your successes as well as failures! A lot of people crave the independence that entrepreneurship provides but few are willing to acknowledge that owning a business means being accountable for each and everything. Counting your blessings in times of distress and expressing gratitude for the smallest of things can bring a smile to your face. Answer the question!

Money Mindset Movement Program | Sharita M. Humphrey

Think of why you started your business and where you want to go. Perhaps you had enough of your last job, wanted to earn more money so you could give the best to your kids, or wanted to make this world a better place. Do take regular breaks and reward yourself for your achievements; no matter how small they are. Stay in touch with positive people and spend time with your family and loved ones. Also write a mission statement for your business, have it framed, and hang it where you can see it daily. Brian Zeng is the Chief Marketing Officer for OwnOnly , which is a new-age online apparel store offering customized suits, shirts and blazers for the modern man.

3 Money Mindset Tips and Tools for Surefire Financial Success

Follow him on Twitter brianzengdotme. Lawrence Berry. These are some great things to think about if you want to shift your mindset and become a better entrepreneur. You are absolutely correct that money is not everything, but creating value in a ton of people lives is if you want to have a successful business. Learning more and acquiring new skills in order to be more valuable to people is more important than money.

Also, I like that you said imagine good things. Having a vision for what you want and imaging the good things will have you ro stay inspired, which is the last thing you stated.

Addicted 2 Success

Great post! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Mindfulness is no longer a buzzword that you can ignore. In fact, companies like Google and Nike are treating it as their secret recipe for a successful workforce. There is no way I can get that job. Why do these things happen to me? Why am I so unlucky?

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Do you find yourself reprimanding yourself every time you make a mistake or wallowing in self-pity? How many times have we wished to be in the shoes of a billionaire? It is truly difficult to separate wealth and luxury. Do you watch documentaries on lions? If yes, then you must have seen that they dominate their territory and are apex predators.

Meditation: Change your Money-Mindset

Lions are among the strongest animals in the world, and no one dares to confront or challenge them. From eating habits where royal members dine at the same to conquering huge lands. A lion always has a bold attitude and lives like a true ruler. I think that it lies in accepting a metaphysical responsibility for where we find ourselves now, as conscious adults, in life, because it is from here that we can then find the empowered view that brings us the traction to move into a renewed state of living.

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It is then that we can claim our power in life so as to move forward with forgiveness, love, strength, and wisdom. From there we can then truly live life with joy, abundance, and loving relationships. You might ask then how do I rectify becoming fully self-responsible for where I am in my life, with money and with health and with all of the things, while also having heaps of loving self-compassion for what has come about?

Can I lovingly accept my imperfections, my falls, my moments of victimhood and my moments as perpetrator in order to be more fully human? A human capable of being a bigger vehicle for real love, which sees all, accepts all, and chooses to embody and gift big heapings of acceptance to the world? I think that holding a very loving and compassionate dose of self-responsibility is key to claiming a fulfilling life.

And from as it is, we can then steer our life towards that which we want to create, all while holding huge heaps of self-love and self-compassion for the as-isness of life now. I love that the quote on self-compassion in The Little Money Bible actually would then imply that by holding that, we actually align more to loving flow, and ultimately to gratitude and amplification of the metaphysical attraction energy that will bring more of what we are wanting into our lives.

So maybe heaps of self-responsibility empowered view and self-compassion can help us to bring about more loving joy in the world, manifest as action, energy, and money, that we can then spread around for the good of life!

This is certainly my mission, and I am grateful for the many of you who are aligned on this path! Here is to a year of heaps of loving self-compassion, coupled with intentional alignment to the flow of love and divine expression in life as our Love Bomber selves. Here is to the amplification of love in action, of connection, of healing.

Ready for a deep dive transformation process focused on absolute unconditional loving approval designed to help you amplify your gifts to life? In this conversation Lacey helps us to push our concepts around money and life into expansion. It's an awesome December action to take as we prep for expansion dreams in Expand your concepts around money by reading "The Little Money Bible" 2. Highlight quotes from the book that expand your ideas and feel good, as well as those that challenge.

Post those quotes where you will see them regularly and consider putting some on your Dream Board. Set an "Abundance Alarm" on your phone for mind expanding wake-ups.